Expert Drainage Irrigation Services

Water Works Irrigation, Inc. is one of the largest Rain Bird Select Contractors in the state of Louisiana and proudly serves Bethany, Bossier City, Elm Grove and the surrounding area. We are your premier source for drainage irrigation services. Call us at (318) 317-0850 for quality trench cleanup services.

Our Services Include:

  • Drain and Drainage Installation
  • Trench Cleanup
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Lawn Sprinkler Installation



Drain & Drainage

We can connect directly with existing gutters and drain water out of flower beds and away from the foundation of homes. Boxes set below gutter downspouts or flex pipe can be used.



We take pride in job-site cleanup and strive to leave each job as close to its previous condition when we leave. After irrigation is installed, the small seams are gone with the new grass growth and generally completely covered within 6 weeks.



French drainage throughout the yard can be installed with or without boxes and relieve standing groundwater throughout.

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Quick Service Delivery

We offer a separate service department that makes house calls throughout the week.

The summer can bring around hot spots in your yard that minor sprinkler adjustments can correct. Our friendly and efficient service department is available Monday through Friday from daylight to dark - so we can work with your schedule to set appointments.

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